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Is your mail safe?

Sep 24 2016

Yesterday this happened across the street from my house.


That is the back side of the PO Boxes for the street across from us. The back of the boxes has been forced open and all the mail stolen. And we are in a safe neighborhood.

It seems like the US Post is getting less and less safe every year. I live in a nice safe Southern California suburban area yet our local post office now has security features on their outdoor post boxes. New inserts have been welded into the mail receiving slot so that the boxes no longer accept anything thicker than a standard envelope and at night they have locking covers over the slots so that no mail can be placed in the box after hours.

In a news article the other day:

"Federal prosecutors in Southern California have charged dozens of postal workers and others with theft, fraud and other crimes — including a mail carrier who allegedly hoarded 48,000 pieces of mail.

The U.S. attorney's office announced Friday that it has charged 33 people with theft, possession of stolen mail, conspiracy, embezzlement, bank fraud, making false statements and use of stolen credit cards."

Monday, Aug 29, 2016 http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Feds-Charge-Dozens-of-Southern-California-Postal-Workers.html

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