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How to make a Non-Moving Minecraft Title Screen Background with a Still Image

Download Free Resource Pack: https://www.georgepeirson.com/minecraft-title-screen-background-resource-pack/

I show you how to make a custom Minecraft Title Screen using a still image instead of the standard scrolling panorama using a custom resource pack. This easy to do Minecraft Title Screen project is a great way to personalize your copy of Minecraft.

Notepad++ Free Download: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

INDEX: Minecraft Title Screen Resource Pack Still Image
00:00 A still image as the Minecraft Title Screen
00:26 My Moss Covered Title video https://youtu.be/OcsrBF1eOLY
00:39 The new background picture
01:43 Make a working folder
01:53 pack.mcmeta and pack.png
04:47 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
05:33 Make the folders
06:43 Copy new picture to background folder
07:14 Zip up the resource pack
07:52 My custom Panorama video https://youtu.be/hN-b8_N2wMs
07:59 Put in Minecraft and activate

Minecraft Honey Block Sound – How to change the Honey Block Sounds with a resource pack

How to change the Minecraft Honey Block Sound with a custom Minecraft sounds resource pack. I show you the different Honey Block sounds then we change the 5 sounds that are used for stepping on Honey Block.

Audacity Free Download: https://www.audacityteam.org/

Notepad++ Free Download: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

Freesound: https://freesound.org/
The sound I used in the video https://freesound.org/people/HerbertBoland/sounds/104676/ Messy_StickyBubbles.mp3 HerbertBoland
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

INDEX: Minecraft Honey Block Sound
00:00 The Honey Block sounds
00:54 Make a new working folder
01:08 Where to find free sounds
01:36 Find the names of the sound files
01:56 Open 1.17.json in Notepad++
02:12 Search for honey
02:26 The Honey Block sounds
02:35 Find the folder path
02:56 Make the folders
03:34 Edit the sound file in Audacity
07:51 Get pack.mcmeta and pack.png
09:16 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
09:50 Zip up the files
10:10 Put the zip file in the game
10:32 Activate the pack
10:47 Test in the game
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How Much to Host a Minecraft Server – Here is How Much it Costs on 5 Top Minecraft Hosting Sites

How much to host a Minecraft server? It is best to let a Minecraft server hosting company handle the servers so what is the Minecraft server hosting cost at top 5 Minecraft server hosting sites. So, how much does it cost to host a Minecraft Server? Let's see.
Some links on this page may be affiliate links.

Apex https://apexminecrafthosting.com/
Hostinger https://www.hostinger.com
Bisect https://www.bisecthosting.com/minecraft-server-hosting.php
Scalacube https://scalacube.com/hosting/server/minecraft
Shockbyte https://shockbyte.com/games/minecraft-server-hosting

Knowledge Resources

INDEX: How Much to Host a Minecraft Server
00:00 Comparing 5 top Minecraft Server Hosting Sites
00:16 Why pay for hosting?
01:05 The basics
02:02 More things to check for
02:30 Money back guarantee
03:05 How many slots
04:43 Lowest cost for hosting
06:30 I recommend paying a little more
08:30 Knowledge Resources
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How to Change Minecraft Bedrock Background Music 1.17

How to play your own custom music selections in the background in Minecraft Bedrock. Includes making the custom Minecraft bedrock background music resource pack and installing and activating in Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.

Vanilla Resource Pack: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

Audacity Free Download: https://www.audacityteam.org/

Notepad++ Free Download: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

INDEX: How to Change Minecraft Bedrock Background Music
00:00 Change background music
00:22 Get new music tracks
01:07 Convert to OGG with Audacity
02:38 Get Vanilla resource pack
03:25 Get manifest.json and pack_icon.png
03:38 Open sound_definitions.json
03:49 Search for music
04:34 Make folders
05:19 Rename OGG files
05:59 Put OGG files into folder
06:42 Edit manifest.json
08:01 Select all and Zip
08:24 Change .zip to .mcpack
08:49 Double click to import into game
09:08 Activate pack

Minecraft in Minecraft Giant Steve

How to make a giant Steve and get Minecraft within Minecraft Really Big Sculpture! Minecraft sculpture making in realms.

Don't Stop by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Artist: http://audionautix.com/

How to Change Sounds in Minecraft Bedrock

How to change sounds in Minecraft Bedrock. Replace existing sound effects in Minecraft Bedrock with a custom resource pack and your own favorite sounds to make Minecraft sound the way you want it to.

Vanilla Resource Pack: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

Audacity Free Download: https://www.audacityteam.org/

Notepad++ Free Download: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

Freesound: https://freesound.org/

Sound used in the video licensed through Creative Commons https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/#
You can download the sound here https://freesound.org/people/cfork/sounds/7967/

INDEX - How to Change Sounds in Minecraft Bedrock with Custom Sound Effects Resource Pack
00:00 In Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.10
00:10 The original chest sound
00:21 Make a new folder to work in
00:36 I found the new sound at freesound.org
00:56 Get the Vanilla resource pack from minecraft.net
01:27 Get manifest.json and pack_icon.png from vanilla pack
02:05 Open sound_definitions.json in the sounds folder
02:24 Do a search for the sound you want to change
02:42 Make the folders
03:08 Convert your new sound to .ogg
03:29 I will edit in Audacity
04:28 Export to OGG
04:46 Rename new sound to match original sound
05:22 Move to the right folder
05:38 About pack_icon.png
05:50 Update manifest.json
07:01 Convert to zip file
07:17 Change .zip to .mcpack
07:39 Import the new pack into Minecraft
07:59 Activate the new pack
08:24 Test the new sound
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How to Join Hypixel Skyblock Server in Minecraft PE – Can it be Done in MCPE?

Can you join a Hypixel Skyblock Server game in Minecraft PE? I will show you in this video. Here is how to play Skyblock, or Skywars, or Bedwars using MCPE Bedrock on Windows 10, or a smart phone, or PS4, or Nintendo Switch, or XBox. Easy and safe way to play today using Minecraft PE.

INDEX Can you play Hypixel on Minecraft PE?
00:00 Here we are in Skyblock
00:17 My re-color of the Minecraft Logo, link below
00:29 Can you join Hypixel from MCPE?
00:46 Be careful you don't get banned
01:07 Minecraft Add Server account
01:32 Join the Minecraft Server
01:43 A look at the Server Lobby
02:12 You can explore the Server Lobby
02:24 How to Join a Game
02:47 Other things to see
03:02 Let's log into Skyblock
03:17 I have already started setting up an island
03:33 My starter base
03:53 Works with Phones, PS4, Switch, XBox, Windows 10
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Custom Title https://youtu.be/7uRER2b2YmQ

All about Minecraft Amethyst Geodes, Uses, Block, Crystal, Shard, Cluster, Tinted Glass, Spyglass

Here is how and where to find Amethyst Geodes, Blocks, and Shards in Minecraft, just requires some digging. I show you where I found an Amethyst Geode plus the Block and Shard in the Minecraft Amethyst cave update. Plus how to mine Amethyst, how to farm Amethyst, how to make tinted glass, and how to make a Spyglass. Amethyst is new in the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update.

INDEX All About Minecraft Amethyst
00:00 Where to find Amethyst
00:34 Dig to find Amethyst Geodes
00:56 I found a second Amethyst Geode
01:52 Looking for Amethyst along the coast
02:38 Looking in the ocean with night vision
04:03 How to Mine Amethyst Block, Cluster, Shard
05:16 How to Farm Amethyst Crystals
07:02 How to Make Tinted Glass with Amethyst
07:37 How to Make a Spyglass
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How to Make a Minecraft 1.17 Custom Texture Pack Java – Making Custom Textures Tutorial

You can add your own custom textures to Minecraft by editing the texture files and creating a custom Minecraft Resource Pack. I show you how to edit the texture files and make your own Minecraft Java Custom Texture Pack in Minecraft 1.17.

Audacity https://www.audacityteam.org/

Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/

Paint.net: https://www.getpaint.net/download.html

Rock Photo: https://pixabay.com/

INDEX Minecraft 1.17 Custom Texture Pack
00:00 We will change one of the new textures
00:29 Make a new working folder
00:41 Edit texture in Paint.net
00:57 We will combined original texture with rock photo
01:29 Increase resolution of texture file
02:33 Blend Photo into texture
03:19 Save new custom texture
04:14 Rock photo is from Pixabay
04:46 Get the tuff.png file
06:11 Make folders for custom texture pack
06:36 Copy/Paste new texture into folder
07:11 Get pack.mcmeta and pack.png
07:54 Pack.png is just a square image at 128x128px
08:10 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
09:02 Put new pack into game
09:21 Activate the pack and test in game
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Minecraft Change Record Music – How to Make a Custom Music Disc in Minecraft Java 1.17

Minecraft Change Record Music to easily put your own music on the Music Discs played in the Minecraft Jukebox. I also show you how to give your custom Minecraft music disc a new name. This technique makes creating Custom Minecraft Music Discs work correctly. Plus I show you how to make custom speakers for your Minecraft world.

Audacity https://www.audacityteam.org/

Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/

Paint.net: https://www.getpaint.net/download.html

INDEX Minecraft Custom Music Disc 1.17
00:00 We will add a custom song to a music disc
00:21 New Folder with song file
00:46 Set up folders
01:04 Copy new song to records folder
01:18 Convert to OGG using Audacity
02:20 Rename new song file to match original disc
02:37 Get the 1.17.jar file
03:13 Get the lang file and folder
03:42 Edit the lang file in Notepad++
04:48 Get pack.mcmeta and pack.png
05:39 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
06:05 Compile into custom resource pack
06:19 Place into game
06:44 Activate the new music disc pack and test
07:28 Make the speakers
07:48 Get the 1.17.jar file
08:07 Make new folders and get painting texture
08:40 Edit the texture in Paint net
09:55 Update the custom resource pack
10:20 Load into game
10:33 Activate in game
11:05 Build a speaker
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