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How to Remove a Background in Adobe Photoshop

One of the most used techniques in Photoshop photo editing is removing backgrounds and replacing them with new backgrounds. This video shows how to do that with a couple of neat tricks tossed in to solve difficult problems.

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How to use Text Tabs in CorelDRAW 2017 x8 x7 x6

Corel's CorelDRAW graphics program is a great way to create interesting page layout designs. One of the most used tools in creating page layout is the text tab. This video shows you how to use tabs in CorelDRAW.

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Using Levels to Correct Color and White Balance in Photoshop Elements

Frequently photos will not have an accurate white balance and that will push colors either warmer or cooler than they should be. There are several different ways to adjust the color and white balance in an image using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Here is how to do it using the Levels controls.

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How to Blur a Background in Adobe Photoshop

Often times a good picture is lost because the foreground subject gets lost in a busy background. Adding a blur effect, essentially giving the photo a shallow depth of focus look can help separate the important foreground subject from the distracting background, making for a more eye catching photo. This video demonstrates how to do this important Adobe Photoshop technique.

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Photoshop Elements Insert Image into Photo Frame

Here is a basic technique with loads of applications and well worth learning. Using Clipping Masks in Adobe Photoshop Elements you can add a photo into practically any shape you want, whether it is a basic photo frame or a custom shape, or even text. This YouTube video shows you how.

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How to Make Custom Photo Corners in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements comes with loads of great graphics and clipart. Some of these are useful for Scrapbooking, like the photo corners, but the variety are limited. So here is how to make custom photo corners from a photograph of a picture frame.

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Photoshop Elements How to Remove Change Background

One of the most useful techniques to master in Adobe Photoshop Elements is how to separate a foreground subject from the background. This will allow you to change the background or do other special effects with the image. Here is a video showing one of the best tricks on removing a background from a photo.

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