How to Add a Custom YouTube Channel Icon from Adobe Photoshop Elements

This video is an answer to a question from one of my YouTube subscribers on where that YouTube Channel Icon comes from and how to create a custom icon using Photoshop Elements. Setting up and uploading the channel icon is an easy step (hint: it is your Google Icon, change that and it automatically changes YouTube), making and sizing the image correctly is what this video is all about.

YouTube did a major face lift this past September and it impacted this video slightly. When I made the video the icon was displayed in the upper left corner of the YouTube header graphic on your YouTube channel. Now the icon has been moved just below the header graphic which has two effects, first the header graphic is now clean on the left side so you can add important imagery there if you like and second the YouTube Channel Icon now displays as a circle just like on Google so don't put anything important in the corners of your icon image. Anyway, here is how to make and set up a YouTube channel icon in Photoshop Elements: 

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