All about Minecraft Amethyst Geodes, Uses, Block, Crystal, Shard, Cluster, Tinted Glass, Spyglass

Here is how and where to find Amethyst Geodes, Blocks, and Shards in Minecraft, just requires some digging. I show you where I found an Amethyst Geode plus the Block and Shard in the Minecraft Amethyst cave update. Plus how to mine Amethyst, how to farm Amethyst, how to make tinted glass, and how to make a Spyglass. Amethyst is new in the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update.

INDEX All About Minecraft Amethyst
00:00 Where to find Amethyst
00:34 Dig to find Amethyst Geodes
00:56 I found a second Amethyst Geode
01:52 Looking for Amethyst along the coast
02:38 Looking in the ocean with night vision
04:03 How to Mine Amethyst Block, Cluster, Shard
05:16 How to Farm Amethyst Crystals
07:02 How to Make Tinted Glass with Amethyst
07:37 How to Make a Spyglass
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