Photoshop Elements 15 on Sale through Feb 22, 2017

If you have been following my YouTube channel ( you know that I am a big fan of the new Photoshop Elements 15 from Adobe. Well, for a limited time you can get Adobe Photoshop Elements for 30% off through Microsoft in their Windows store. Here is the link

So, no reason to wait any longer. This is my unbiased recommendation for this great new version, I don't get any money or other compensation for this post or for any sale of PSE 15 (wish I did!). I just like this new version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and know that you will too.

Answering Some Questions about Social Media Marketing

Questions from Darryl: what about a training on creating/setting-up, designing, setting a course of action, implementing, maintaining and adjusting for future changes with an "across the board social networking program"?

** website, blog, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, it-tunes, tumbler, Google+, etc... **
1. which are the most effective, easiest to use, viable, etc...
2. how to set-up. sign-up, log-in, password, etc...
3. how to design an attractive landing page and potential sub-pages
4. what is and how to create a good posting/entry/tweet/etc...
5. platform dependent; how often, best times of the day, which days, etc.
6. how to most effectively link between the different platforms
7. how to keep up with and adjust for the changes in each of the platforms, as well as new ones coming down the pike
8. etc... - of course i could go on and on.

Hi Darryl, thanks for the suggestion. I had a title like that a few years ago but no one purchased it, so I am not planning an  update on that title. Instead I have been doing individual titles on the separate social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). There is far more interest in the separate titles and I am guessing this is due to most people only using one favorite social media so they just want training on that one. I will be coming out with updates on my different social media titles this Fall and Winter.

To answer some of the questions you raise:
1. Most effective changes depending on your market/niche.  Facebook is good for hobbies and other social group type activities (booster clubs, church groups, etc.). Twitter tends more towards the political, current events, pop culture. Pinterest is actually pretty good if you have a product to push as it tends towards products. So it all depends...
2. This is covered in my different individual titles
3.  Also covered in my individual titles
4. same, but this really again depends on your specific niche/market
5. Most truly active social media users post numerous times per day, frequently numerous times per hour. But don't ever use one of those automated tools that post from a database of quotes, that will lose you followers faster than you can gain them. I only post when I do a new sale/product announcement/YouTube video. Sometimes I will post to Twitter if I come across a news item that I think my followers would like to know about.
6. Don't worry about linking between the different social media tools. Do separate posts to each that link back to your web site/blog. Most people only use one social media tool. You need to test all of the different social media to see where your main audience is, then you can focus on that one. My main followers are on Twitter and Pinterest.
7. All of the different social media sites have blogs. The best way to keep current is to follow their blogs.

The main thing to keep in mind is that social media should only be part of a larger marketing plan, just one of the tools in your marketing tool box. What works will change over time and you have to keep your eyes open. For instance last year I was getting a lot of traffic from my Pinterest posts to my sales pages, but not so much this year. What is working for me this year is YouTube (and of course my regular sales channels, my sites, Amazon, eBay, etc.)

I am currently using social media to drive traffic to my YouTube channel, but to be honest all of the social media outlets only add up to about 5% of my YouTube traffic. Most of it comes either directly from searches on YouTube or from searches on Google. So with YouTube it is really about SEO, just like with a web site.

Hope this helps.


Top 10 Richest YouTubers

Can you really make money on YouTube?

Sure you can, I do every day.

But, how much could you make if you were really successful?

Well here you go, the Top 10 Richest YouTubers from last year. Most of these channels will be in the Top 10 again when this year finishes.

The income estimates are based on display ads and on views over the year. There is a range due to unknowns such as how much each ad is paying at any particular time. But for reference when I did research on my own channel I was at the high end of the estimates and I expect these will be as well. I think it safe to say that everyone on this list is an annual millionaire.

Don't think that these top spots are now filled forever and that these people have monopolies on their particular idea. Included below are 3 Gaming and Comedy channels, 3 MineCraft channels, and 3 Unboxing and Reviewing Toys channels. So right in the top 10 there is fierce competition from similar channels.

10. Vegetta777 - Gaming Channel -  894,000 to 2.2 mil - Spanish Language Channel

09. VanossGaming - Gaming and Comedy - 939,000 to 2.5 mil - joined in September 2011 so this didn't take too long to become a millionaire

08. TheDiamondMinecart - MInecraft Gaming Channel - 995,000 to 2.8 mil

07. Markiplier - Gaming and Comedy - 1 to 2.9 mil

06. DisneyCarToys - Unboxing and Reviewing Toys - 1.1 to 3 mil

05. BluCollection - Unboxing and Reviewing Toys - 1.2 to 3.1 mil

04. PopularMMOs - Minecraft Channel - 1.35 to 3.3 mil - Joined in April 2012 - making millions in only a couple of years

03. Stampylonghead - Minecraft Channel - 1.45 to 3.5 mil

02. PewDiePie - Gaming and Comedy - confirmed 4 mil in 2013 - 6 to 10 mil now

01. DisneyCollectorBR - Unboxing and Reviewing Toys - 6.5 to 12 mil - The channel has been renamed FunToyzCollector and is still in the top 3 in 2015, may make it to #1 again during the Christmas shopping season

 I hope you find this list inspiring. If you want to learn how you too can make money on YouTube you should take a look at my YouTube Book: The Unauthorized Book of YouTube Ninja Secrets