What is the new Recovery Compass and Do We Need It?

Let's make a Recovery Compass and give it a test.

How to Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19

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How to make and use a Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19. First we need to safely get into the Deep Dark and an Ancient City without getting killed by a Warden. Then we need to find some Echo Shards in treasure chests. Then use that to build a Recovery Compass. I show you my favorite technique to safely work your way into an Ancient City. Then we will build and test a Recovery Compass.

00:00 Minecraft Recovery Compass
00:20 Clean out Skulk Sensors and Shreakers
00:53 Run Away!!!
01:12 Get more than 30 blocks away fast
01:26 Dig a 35 block long escape tunnel
04:28 Continue to clear the sensors and shreakers
05:12 Place a Bed and Chest, set the bed respawn point
06:23 Go for the Shreakers first
08:15 Check chests for Echo Shards, you need
8 09:11 Home Base, set respawn point
09:24 Craft the Recovery Compass
09:57 Put Recovery Compass in chest near respawn bed
10:13 Testing the Recovery Compass
12:15 Keep the Recovery Compass in the chest
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How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18

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Minecraft 1.18.1 moved the diamonds. I show you where to look to find diamonds easily. Then we dig down and I show you how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 by digging way down. Then the right way to mine for diamonds that will give you the best chance. Along the way we have some quick adventures with finding a huge cave, fighting a skeleton, and take care of some silverfish. Plus we collect a lot of other ores as well.

Download the Ore map: https://www.georgepeirson.com/minecraft-downloads/

00:00 How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18
00:13 The Ore Distribution Map
00:59 Where you used to find Diamonds
01:24 Redstone!
01:40 Huge Cave
02:03 Skeleton Fight
02:20 Silverfish
03:00 More Redstone
03:51 Hitting Bedrock
04:41 Quick clean up and a snack
05:47 Iron!
06:03 Gold!
06:49 Lapis Lazuli!
07:10 DIAMONDS!!!
07:42 My total haul

How to Use the New /placefeature command in Minecraft 1.18.2

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You can now place features right into a Minecraft 1.18.2 world with the new /placefeature command. Place things like Desert Wells, Bonus Chests, Dripstone, and lots more with this new feature that just showed up in the 22W03A Snapshot for Minecraft 1.18.2 update. If you are building out a world for your Minecraft Server then this /placefeature command will really speed things up.

00:00 Minecraft 1.18.2 update /placefeature in action
00:26 How to use /placefeature command
01:34 New features can only go in their correct biome
02:34 Placing a Pumpkin Patch
03:25 Building a Dripstone Cave with /placefeature
04:47 Adding Trees, Mushrooms, and Bees
07:05 Other changes in the 22W03A Snapshot
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Did Dream help JellyBean get over 1 Million Subscribers?

(Video at end of article)

Who is JellyBean?

And what just happened to cause her channel to go from less than 4000 subs in September to well over 1 1/4 million in January?

We are going to look a the meteoric rise of JellyBean on YouTube. Stick around to the end to see the 3 ways JellyBean used the YouTube algorithm to generate this massive growth in her channel.

First off, who is JellyBean? That one is easy to answer as she is a gamer mostly on Twitch who plays many games but slightly favors Minecraft. She has amassed over 100,000 Twitch subs and gained a Twitch partnership, so she already has developed a system for success.
She initially set up her YouTube account in October of 2020 but for the next several months she only uploaded 4 videos based on her Twitch channel.

Then this summer she began to prepare for a major assault on YouTube with a solid plan for success, based on lessons learned on Twitch.

You can see this in how she set up her marketing, had new artwork created for her different channels. and probably laid out a series of ideas for videos.

October 21, 2021

Then on October 21, 2021, she tried something different, a YouTube short with a gag video about Mexican Dream and she found her niche. This quick video did very well and soon JellyBean was seeing quick growth in her subscriber count, possibly helped by pointing her Twitch audience over to YouTube to see her new short videos. This led to a short video comedy format, often reading, and replying to comments.

November 11, 2021

By mid-November JellyBean had very substantial growth, more than doubling her subscribers in only 2 months, something which most YouTubers only dream of doing.
But then something happened that changed everything, JellyBean put up a viral video on Nov 11. It took a couple of weeks for the video to get traction but then her channel began to explode.

The week ending Nov 19 she had 8,940 subs. By the end of the next week her sub count was up to 94,300, the following week it hit 359,000. By the end of the year, she was pushing 800,000 subs, by the first week of January 2022 that was up to 915,000, then 1,050,000 the following week, then 1,180,000 by Jan 21, and now as I record this on January 24, she is up to 1.27M subscribers.

Anatomy of a Viral Video

So, what kind of a video could have done this? Was it her new shorts video style? Partially yes, her personality was certainly in the viral video.

What hit big was a video about Dream, a very popular YouTube Minecraft streamer, where she discovered something other Dream fans had failed to spot. So, it was a video by a Dream fan for Dream fans.

With a little bit of detective work and a good eye she discovered something new.
I put the link for that video in the description and it is definitely worth a look, plus it is less than 60 seconds long.

Now why did this go viral? That is something that is always hard to discover but here are some things that could have helped. The first and most importantly its subject was Dream, an amazingly popular YouTube creator in the Minecraft niche with over 28 million subscribers. Then the topic was something people have been talking about for a long time, will Dream do a Face Reveal since he never shows his face. So, very popular YouTuber, very popular topic.

That still will only get a video so far, but since it is a YouTube short, people watch the whole video and probably go and watch a few other videos that JellyBean has uploaded and since those are also shorts, they are also watched clear through to the end.

And here is the important part, that is exactly the kind of behavior in viewers that the YouTube algorithm is looking for. High click through rate (the subject of the video), High watch time (shorts do great here), and viewers went on to binge watch several more videos. So, the YouTube algorithm did what it likes to do, and it began showing that video on the home page of all those Dream subscribers, and of course they would click, and of course it just snowballs from there. Instant viral video, and JellyBean is on her way to becoming a millionaire in less than 1 1/2 years on YouTube.

Looking into the Future

The question now is can JellyBean hold this new audience? She stands a very good chance of doing so with the comedy shorts as long as she can keep things fresh and doesn't make any major mistakes. We could be hearing about JellyBean for a long time.

How to Download and Install Optifine 1.18 for Minecraft Java

Optifine 1.18 for Minecraft Java Download and Install. Optifine is the best mod available and is needed for many other great mods including those beautiful shaders. Here is how to download and install Optifine into Minecraft 1.18.

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My Minecraft Downloads: https://www.georgepeirson.com/minecraft-downloads/

Optifine Download: https://optifine.net/home

Great Minecraft Server Hosting: https://www.georgepeirson.com/minecraft-server-hosting/

My favorite gaming hardware for playing Minecraft
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Title Screen Videos
Custom Minecraft Title Screen https://youtu.be/UdruBFtOTWk
Custom Minecraft Title https://youtu.be/OcsrBF1eOLY
Custom Minecraft Splash Texts https://youtu.be/6Y5sU5un7yc
Custom Minecraft Menu Buttons https://youtu.be/8n06yzQzE1o

INDEX - Optifine 1.18 for Minecraft
00:00 Minecraft Vanilla vs Optifine Shaders
00:46 Optifine website
01:06 Download Optifine 1.18
01:53 Donate to Optifine and get a cape
02:16 Install Optifine 1.18
02:51 Play Minecraft with Optifine
03:17 My custom title screen
03:36 Optifine Options
04:36 Uses regular worlds
05:01 How it looks indoors
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Custom Minecraft

Minecraft Skins

How to make a Non-Moving Minecraft Title Screen Background with a Still Image

Download Free Resource Pack: https://www.georgepeirson.com/minecraft-title-screen-background-resource-pack/

I show you how to make a custom Minecraft Title Screen using a still image instead of the standard scrolling panorama using a custom resource pack. This easy to do Minecraft Title Screen project is a great way to personalize your copy of Minecraft.

Notepad++ Free Download: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

INDEX: Minecraft Title Screen Resource Pack Still Image
00:00 A still image as the Minecraft Title Screen
00:26 My Moss Covered Title video https://youtu.be/OcsrBF1eOLY
00:39 The new background picture
01:43 Make a working folder
01:53 pack.mcmeta and pack.png
04:47 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
05:33 Make the folders
06:43 Copy new picture to background folder
07:14 Zip up the resource pack
07:52 My custom Panorama video https://youtu.be/hN-b8_N2wMs
07:59 Put in Minecraft and activate

Minecraft Honey Block Sound – How to change the Honey Block Sounds with a resource pack

How to change the Minecraft Honey Block Sound with a custom Minecraft sounds resource pack. I show you the different Honey Block sounds then we change the 5 sounds that are used for stepping on Honey Block.

Audacity Free Download: https://www.audacityteam.org/

Notepad++ Free Download: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

Freesound: https://freesound.org/
The sound I used in the video https://freesound.org/people/HerbertBoland/sounds/104676/ Messy_StickyBubbles.mp3 HerbertBoland
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

INDEX: Minecraft Honey Block Sound
00:00 The Honey Block sounds
00:54 Make a new working folder
01:08 Where to find free sounds
01:36 Find the names of the sound files
01:56 Open 1.17.json in Notepad++
02:12 Search for honey
02:26 The Honey Block sounds
02:35 Find the folder path
02:56 Make the folders
03:34 Edit the sound file in Audacity
07:51 Get pack.mcmeta and pack.png
09:16 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
09:50 Zip up the files
10:10 Put the zip file in the game
10:32 Activate the pack
10:47 Test in the game
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How Much to Host a Minecraft Server – Here is How Much it Costs on 5 Top Minecraft Hosting Sites

How much to host a Minecraft server? It is best to let a Minecraft server hosting company handle the servers so what is the Minecraft server hosting cost at top 5 Minecraft server hosting sites. So, how much does it cost to host a Minecraft Server? Let's see.
Some links on this page may be affiliate links.

Apex https://apexminecrafthosting.com/
Hostinger https://www.hostinger.com
Bisect https://www.bisecthosting.com/minecraft-server-hosting.php
Scalacube https://scalacube.com/hosting/server/minecraft
Shockbyte https://shockbyte.com/games/minecraft-server-hosting

Knowledge Resources

INDEX: How Much to Host a Minecraft Server
00:00 Comparing 5 top Minecraft Server Hosting Sites
00:16 Why pay for hosting?
01:05 The basics
02:02 More things to check for
02:30 Money back guarantee
03:05 How many slots
04:43 Lowest cost for hosting
06:30 I recommend paying a little more
08:30 Knowledge Resources
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How to Change Minecraft Bedrock Background Music 1.17

How to play your own custom music selections in the background in Minecraft Bedrock. Includes making the custom Minecraft bedrock background music resource pack and installing and activating in Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.

Vanilla Resource Pack: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

Audacity Free Download: https://www.audacityteam.org/

Notepad++ Free Download: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/addons

INDEX: How to Change Minecraft Bedrock Background Music
00:00 Change background music
00:22 Get new music tracks
01:07 Convert to OGG with Audacity
02:38 Get Vanilla resource pack
03:25 Get manifest.json and pack_icon.png
03:38 Open sound_definitions.json
03:49 Search for music
04:34 Make folders
05:19 Rename OGG files
05:59 Put OGG files into folder
06:42 Edit manifest.json
08:01 Select all and Zip
08:24 Change .zip to .mcpack
08:49 Double click to import into game
09:08 Activate pack