Photoshop Elements Scrapbooking : How to Make Chalk Effect Frames

Here is one for all the Digital Scrapbookers out there. A digital pastel or chalk shading effect for custom frames in Photoshop Elements. If you enjoyed this project then check out my YouTube channel for more To really learn how … Continue reading

How to make a Christmas Ornament Card completely in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Just in time for the Christmas Holiday, here is a nice Christmas Card design created completely inside of Photoshop Elements, no photos needed. Uses a combination of techniques and included graphics to create realistic looking Christmas Tree Ornaments. If you … Continue reading

How to make a Snowflakes Christmas Card in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 15 14 13 12 11 Tutorial

Here is a nice Photoshop Elements Christmas Card project that uses custom snowflake brushes available online as a download. I show you how to find custom brushes, how to download and install them, then how to use them in your … Continue reading