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  1. Hi George –

    Your knowledgeable answer to my question I posed to you on Youtube about jpg file size, along with your incredibly clear videos convinced me to buy your DVD series on PSE 2019 last week. I decided to buy it from your website rather than from Amazon, because I know they take a substantial cut. But I do not remember getting a notification that “Your product has shipped”? Any estimate on how long the shipping takes? I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the very clear videos on Youtube.

    • Hi Robert, shipping through the website takes about 1-2 weeks. You should have received a shipping confirmation by now, if you didn’t please let me know.

  2. Hi George,

    I purchased PE 15 Training online yesterday and am feeling very frustrated. Yesterday and today I am only able to view the first video in each module. Under the video I see listed the other video’s we should be able to view but I cant open them. At the end of the video’s I can view, it just stops at the end and doesn’t move on to the next video like other training I have had. Can you please explain to me how to access the whole training? Otherwise this is just an intro into your course that I paid for.
    Thank you! I am using a PC, if it makes a difference.


    • Hi Sandy, sounds like something in your browser is blocking our site from changing the videos. Which browser are you using? Do you have any blockers on your browser, popup blockers and things like that, it should not make a difference but you never can tell with browsers. Are you on Windows 10 and are you up to date? Just trying to figure out what is going wrong, we have never had this complaint before so it is something specific to how your computer is set up.

  3. Hi George, Barbara here from Australia i have been working with photoshop Elements 12 for a long time now.
    And looking at maybe the newest version PSE, is there a lot of difference?

    • Hi Barbara, quite a few new tools and tricks have been added to Photoshop Elements since version 12. I would definitely recommend doing the upgrade. But don’t worry, the basic program runs the same so there won’t be a huge learning curve by doing the upgrade.

  4. Hi George
    Tried to email you but it keeps sending them back. Ive just bought the online Elements 2019 course but it wont let me login with my newly created username/password. I says ‘max failed logins. Please wait about 30 mins and try again’

  5. Hi George, Had a hard time trying to contact you today. I just noticed you stopped using FB. Also I tried to email you from your YouTube page but it didn’t work.

    Anyways my question is, what is the best plugin to use to create HDR photos?, I am using PSE 15.



    • Hi Al, I stopped actively using Facebook years ago. I still post videos from YouTube there but I never actually look at Facebook. In Photoshop Elements 15 go to Guided Edit, then Photomerge, and open Photomerge Exposure. That is Photoshop Elements’ HDR tool. But if you are really serious about HDR I recommend a program from Skylum called Aurora HDR (current version is 2019), it is the best HDR program I have come across to date. Costs $99 so a little pricey for a hobby, but for the more serious it is well worth the cost.

  6. Hello Mr. Pierson Hope all is well with you. I am Enjoying the 2018 pse course. In watching One of your Youtube, You created a sunset background behind a tree; Very clever!! This gave me hope in the future to Isolate some amateur calligraphy and overlay into a PHOTO. I was perplexed in how I would ever isolate each letter. Hoping by this course and your knowledge I will be able to accomplish this task.
    Be Well Ralph

    • Thanks Ralph, take a look at my card projects on YouTube for more ideas combining text with images. If you are using scanned images of hand drawn calligraphy the biggest problem will be resolution, especially on thinner parts of the letters. What you want to do is scan at a high quality setting and large size then reduce as needed in Photoshop Elements.

  7. I have purchased Photoshop elements 15 and adobe elements premiere 15.

    I have an old military blurred picture I am trying to clear the focus and background
    and having a lot of problem. I tried your videos, but you I need a ABC on how because I can not see your courser because it is too fast for me. Can you help with a lot better video or by paper sheet. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Is it possible to append brushes in Elements 15 to keep certain brushes stored and grouped in a library? For example- within the brush files stored in elements 15 I have several ABR brushes that deal with birds–one group is feathers, another group is a set of bird brushes, another set of different birds– etc. What I would like to be able to do is put all of these “bird” related brushes sets in one library called Birds.

    I can’t seem to find a good explanation to do this?

    I watched your video on how to keep brushes on your desktop or some place else in your computer and then just “load” them into the program temporarily. I will do this from now on but still would like to know how to group similar brushes together even though they may have come from separate sets of brushes.

    I have searched the Adobe helps but find that they really aren’t that helpful. Any info that you could give me, would be greatly appreciated. I will share it with 6 of my friends. We meet once a month as a “elements group”. We are learning together and our focus is using Elements to create Artist Trading Cards for swapping.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Kitty, yes there is a way to combine brushes into a new set. It isn’t a quick process though. Here is how you do it the hard way in Photoshop Elements. Open Photoshop Elements and set up a new file. Select the brush tool so that the Brush Options Panel is displayed. Now click on the brush sample image to bring up the Brush Preset Panel. Click on the icon in the upper right to bring up the save brushes drop down list. In this list click on Save Brushes and give the current brush set a new name, i.e. Birds. Now close and reopen Photoshop Elements. Your new brushes set should be displaying in the Brush Preset Panel. That’s step one.

      Now select that brush set to make it active. You can now delete unwanted brushes from that brush set, in the Brush Preset Panel with your new brush set shown right click on a brush and choose Delete from the popup. That allows you to get rid of the brushes you don’t want, in this case all of the brushes that were copied from the Default brush set when you made the new Birds brush set. Unfortunately this has to be done one brush at a time so it can take a little while. You may want to leave in any useful basic brushes that you use all the time so that you won’t have to switch back to the Default brush set to get to those basic brushes while using the Birds brush set.

      Next you want to copy your Birds brushes into this new file. This is also done one brush at a time. Open one of your Bird brush sets and select a Bird brush, this becomes the active brush. Next switch over to your new Birds brush set, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the Brush Preset Panel and choose Save Brush (it is the top option). This saves the current brush to the current brush set. So basically you are copying brushes from one set to another set one brush at a time.

      So much for Photoshop Elements, now here is the easy way if you have access to Adobe Photoshop. In Adobe Photoshop when you load in a brush set it automatically is appended to the currently open set. So all you need to do is to load your new Bird brushes and then save the new combined set to a new name. Do this to load all of your bird brushes into the one set then delete the brushes you don’t want. To show just the new brush set without appending it again to the current set use the Replace Brushes option instead of the Load Brushes option (the Replace Brushes option of course is not available in Photoshop Elements). The brush delete is still a one at a time process. Both Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements use the same Brushes file format so if you can get to a copy of Adobe Photoshop the process would be faster. But if you are not talking about too many brushes the Photoshop Elements technique will work fine.

  9. Hi,
    I am wondering if you can help me figure out something. I bought Photoshop Elements 15 approx. a month ago and became very frustrated with not being able to open an edited photo saved in my photo file without it being encased in a photoshop icon.
    I am use to editing pics through my system that came with my older camera and when I need to email a picture – I just go to my picture file and choose which one I want to email without any icons interfering.
    When I contacted photoshop through their on line system, a woman took possession of my computer to see what I was referring to. She then advised me to get a “3rd part plug in for PSD files.” but said she could not recommend one. I am not real computer savvy and have no idea of how to do this. I am ready to remove my photoshop program entirely from my computer and try to find some other program for editing. Is there an easy way that you would be able to explain step by step how I can down load a free 3rd party plug in so that my edited JPG pictures get saved into my picture file without being hidden behind photoshop icons?
    I appreciate you help and time. Thank you – Laura

    • Hi Laura, whenever you edit a photo in Photoshop Elements it then saves it as a PSD file which is the default file format for Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop. All you need to do is to do all of your editing and then when you are happy with the file first save it as the PSD then convert that file to whatever format you want for your final. The reason for the PSD file format is to give you complete editing tools. To convert the PSD file to a JPG just use the Save for Web function under the File menu. There you can save for JPG or GIF. Or you can do a Save As and save to the JPG format but the Save for Web gives you more options on the quality of the final JPG file. If you ever want to edit that same picture in the future go back to the PSD file, edit that, then do a new Save for Web. So the work flow is: Open JPG file, Edit file, Save to the PSD format, I would also change the name a bit at this point to protect your original image (File/Save), Save for Web for final output (File/Save for Web).
      Don’t bother asking Adobe anything, they don’t have a clue. No need for any plugins or add ons to Photoshop Elements, it is all built in. Their programmers are great, but their customer service reps are just amateurs. This is a question that I actually get asked quite a bit so I will do a fast video on YouTube this weekend showing the workflow.

  10. Thank you for your reply to my email asking how do I get a magnifying glass when using elements. Your reply was extremely helpful. I reside in England and am so pleased that I decided to take out membership. You make everything so clear in your tutorials so much so that I have now purchased your complete course on elements 13. Thanks George

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