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"This product is amazing, as an ex teacher this is well done, keeps it simple

"You have produced the BEST "How To" tutorials that I have ever seen!"

"Great videos, simple to follow very informative"

"These tutorial's are awesome, very good reference, explained in detail. Thanks!"


"This is a life saver for me. Seriously would be lost without it. Easy to follow."

"I have been making my way slowly through your excellent (or should that be 'most excellent'?) tutorials. Absolutely outstanding. Thanks to you and your team for the effort that has gone in to these terrific products."

I bought your Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator in March, I bought them as a novice in graphics, but with your in-depth analysis, you touch every content from tools to menu, from panels to layers etc. This is unbelievable, no graphic book can do this job, you are a genius guru, a super guru. Well done & keep the job going.
Josh O.

I finally had a chance to sample the Dreamweaver and Photoshop training videos you sent me. You're a genius, the best damn training videos I've ever seen! Seriously.
Nelson N.

Your tutorials are absolutely the best available. I think that it is
especially important to cover every detail of every tool, as you do,
since you never get manuals with the software these days. I find that
your training provides better reference material than the 'Help' menu. Adobe's
Classroom in a Book does a great job of covering certain projects but
is, by no means, comprehensive.
...I would strongly recommend your tutorials!

Can't really thank you that much from the eBay site. But I wanted to thank you personally about your software. The 1st software I purchased from you was Dreamweaver set. I have just recently purchased the html, JavaScript, CSS set. Your tutorials are the best I have found.
Michael W.

Just excited to finally find a teacher that
knows how to teach, so its understandable and won't
put me to sleep and keeps me excited about coming
back to learn more. Thanks sOOOOOOOOOO much
Keep doin what your're doing we need you Dr GURU!
Mona B.

George Peirson does nothing short of a MIRACULOUS job of presenting clear, concise AND logical concepts and procedures. I am learning SO much already! Your complete professionalism in all aspects of producing, marketing and supporting your training is just absolute perfection. Are you sure you're charging enough money for the treasure you're selling? I feel like I should have paid so much more! (But don't get me wrong...I don't really wanna. How about if I just purchase MORE?) It's no small wonder you're doing such a thriving business! You'll be hearing from me again...when I make my future software training purchases. THANK YOU, MUCH!

"Hi George, I bought the Flash Dreamweaver series about a week ago and could not be more pleased with the quality of product and instructions. Prior to this I bought a book from my local Barnes and Nobel called learn dreamweaver in 24 hours. Funny thing I had this book for 2 months and still haven't learned much. I find it is much more difficult to get a solid understanding just reading a book. But watching the video for which I am 70% done with dreamweaver I have learn a lot but more importantly gained some confidence. You can count me in if you need any recommendations. You saved me about $550 for a local 2 day course on Dreamweaver alone. The other items were not included at all. So thank you very much. Thanks, Scott"