New! Adobe Photoshop Photography Repair and Retouch Projects
For Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC

12 special projects on how to handle difficult image repair and enhancement in Photoshop

In this special series of longer videos I show you step-by-step, start to finish, how to handle some typical repairs and retouches on problem photographs. Many photos that would be considered rejects can be restored with the power of Photoshop, plus you can easily add additional style to plain photos.

These videos are demonstrated in Photoshop CS6 but the techniques used work well in Photoshop CS5 through the current Photoshop CC.

Along with these special 12 video lessons I have also included video training for all of the tools used so you don't have to dig out your other training disks to look up a technique or two.

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Complete List of Video Lessons


How to add style to a regular photograph with a Soft Light look
This video demonstrates the proper use of different adjustment tools and techniques to create
the very popular Soft Light look.



Creating a Hard Light look
In this video demonstration I show you the several steps needed to create the very popular Hard Light look



How to use the Lights Filter
In this demonstration I show you how to use the Photoshop Lights Filter to take a daytime photo and give it a night time look



How to repair a heavily damaged photo
There are several tools and filters in Photoshop to help you easily repair severely damaged photographs  In this video I show you how to use them, including the proper use of the Dust and Scratches Filter



How to repair a severely faded photograph
Sometimes you get a picture that you like, but it is old or faded, or full of light spill.
In this video I show you how to fix a faded photograph.



How to properly lighten a dark photograph
Here is how to lighten a dark photograph if you only have one photo exposure to work with.
This is done without using the HDR controls which require several photos at different exposure levels.



How to create transparency in a bottle
The one is just for fun. How to take a standard product style shot and give the bottle a cool transparency look. I also use a special trick to blur the background and retain the bright lights.



How to create that iris blur effect right in Photoshop
This is an effect that is not too difficult to do right in camera, but it takes a special technique and settings to pull this look off in Photoshop. I show you how.



How to repair sunglasses
This demonstration shows 2 different techniques, both designed to fix or enhance sunglasses in a photo. In the first I show how to easily remove the photographer's reflection from the sunglasses (hard to see in this small photo) In the second I show how to easily add a lens flare to the sunglasses, and easily edit the result.



How to give a Black & White photo a hand colored look
In this project video I show you how to color a black and white photo and still retain complete editing capabilities, letting you easily go in and adjust the different colors individually.



How to get that Motion Blur look
This is another just for fun project. Showing how to properly use one of the oldest filters in Photoshop. It is easy to use but also easy to get wrong, I show you how to do it right.



How to create a light spill effect, where the light from the background spills onto the foreground figure
This technique is very popular right now, allowing you to take an ordinary or problem photo
and turn it into a great photo.

Plus 24 more videos with additional demonstrations of the tools and techniques used in the above projects

Sale Price $19.87
Plus Free Shipping to US addresses!


Note: These are Computer DVD's and will not play on a TV style DVD player
Note: This training is for Windows and does not come with the Adobe program.