New! Adobe Photoshop Text Effects Projects
For Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC

42 Text Effects training videos including 14 special projects
demonstrating some of the most important techniques you need
for full control of Text Effects in Photoshop

In this special series of longer videos I show you step-by-step, start to finish, how to handle some very exciting and popular Text Effects jobs. These videos are demonstrated in Photoshop CS6 but the techniques used work well in Photoshop CS5 through the current Photoshop CC.

After each video is a Q&A section where I answer several questions about the techniques used. Along with these special 14 video lessons I have also included video training for all of the tools used so you don't have to dig out your other training disks to look up a technique or two.

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Complete List of Video Lessons


How to make a Chrome Text, including highlights and reflections.
This video demonstrates several different techniques including some fancy Filter tricks



How to convert Text into Flaming Text
This video shows how to create flame like text, then how to add real fire to make the effect even better



How to create a Round Logo with text following a circular path
This video includes some tricks for drawing concentric circles and easily centering the text in its area



How to put Text inside a Shape, plus how to create a text portrait
In order for text to follow a shape you need to work through several specific steps, this video shows you how



How to create Neon Text
The Open Late neon signs in these photos were created completely in Photoshop and then added to the picture
In this video I show you how



How to make realistic Gold Text
To make convincing Gold Text you need to use very specific settings. This video shows you how its done.



How to make Glowing Text
This video lesson makes use of a Filter trick to create a glowing text effect, easy to do once you know how



How to create Wooden or Metallic lettering completely in Photoshop
These materials techniques were done without using any clip art or plug-ins, just tools that are built into Photoshop
Both of these words were created using basically the same techniques with some minor adjustments to settings



Putting a Picture inside of Text
This video lesson shows the proper technique for putting images inside Text



How to create Cartoon Text
This video lesson uses a combination of techniques to create Cartoon Text.
This technique is frequently used on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts



How to Engrave Text into a surface
Using some basic tools and the right steps you can "carve" text into any surface



How to use the 3D Tools to create interesting Logo designs
These two images were created using basically the same tools with some minor variations and one or two clever tricks




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Complete List of Videos

Part 1 -

Photoshop Text Projects

01 Text Projects Intro

02 Cartoony Text

03 Chrome Text and Reflection

04 Image in Text

05 Glowing Text

06 Text Logo in Circular Path

07 3D Text on Surface

08 Text in Perspective

09 Carved Text in Surface

10 Neon Text

11 Text Inside Shapes

12 Gold Text Effect

13 Text on Fire Effect

14 Metallic Text

15 Wood Text

16 Projects Wrap Up

Part 2 -

Reference videos

01 Layer Style - Bevel Emboss
02 Layer Style – Contour & Texture
03 Layer Style - Drop Shadow
04 Layer Style - Inner Glow, Outer Glow
05 Blending Modes
06 Clipping Masks

Edit Menu
07 Transform – Distort
08 Transform – Skew

09 Type Warp
10 Text on Path
11 Text Inside Shape
12 Character Panel
13 3D

14 Gradient Fill
15 Guide Lines
16 Shapes – Ellipses
17 Add Stroke to Shape
18 Dodge and Burn

Adjustments & Selections
19 Hue Saturation Colorize
20 Modify Selections

21 Lighting Effect
22 Lens Flare
23 Create Clouds
24 Gaussian Blur
25 Add Noise
26 Title Wrap Up



List Price $49.57

Sale Price $19.87
Plus Free Shipping to US addresses!


Note: These are Computer DVD's and will not play on a TV style DVD player
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