New! Adobe Photoshop Wedding Photography Projects
For Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC

14 special projects on how to create outstanding wedding images in Photoshop

In this special series of longer videos I show you step-by-step, start to finish, how to handle some very exciting and popular Photoshop Wedding Photography jobs.

Most Wedding Photographers use Adobe Lightroom to fix and adjust their wedding pictures, but there are times when you need the full power of Photoshop. These videos are demonstrated in Photoshop CS6 but the techniques used work well in Photoshop CS5 through the current Photoshop CC.

Along with these special 14 video lessons I have also included video training for all of the tools used so you don't have to dig out your other training disks to look up a technique or two.

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Complete List of Video Lessons


How to properly edit and enhance wedding photos
This video demonstrates the proper use of different adjustment tools to retain detail
in white and black areas of a photo. This is a common problem with wedding photography.



Wedding Photo Repair
Sometimes you have to take drastic measures to save what is otherwise a good photograph.
In this example I demonstrate the proper use of Clone Stamping to hide a problem background area.



How to Mask Hair Perfectly
You may need to create a careful mask around a soft edge object like the hair in this photograph.
I demonstrate how to properly use the Refine Edge tool to handle difficult selection jobs.



How to Create Wedding Montages and Collages
In this video I show you several different techniques for creating photo montages



How to Create a Stacked Polaroid Photo Effect
Here is another type of montage that I demonstrate



How to Create Photo Vignettes
The photo vignette is a very popular wedding photography technique. In this video I demonstrate the proper technique



How to Create an Old Fashioned Photo Look
Another popular wedding photography technique is to convert a photo into an old fashioned picture.
This video shows you the right way to do it.



How to Create a Photo Split Toning Effect
Sometimes a good photo just needs a little bit of special effects work to become a great photo.



How to Create that Popular Soft Focus Background Technique
A great photographer can do this look in camera, but for the rest of us here is how to do it in Photoshop.
This lesson combines several of the techniques used in earlier videos plus a new soft focus trick.



How to Make a Duo Tone Look on a Photograph
This is another of those very popular Wedding Photography looks.
The basic effect is easy but to get the right look you need to know how to tweak the settings.



How to Create a Dynamic Soft Warm Lighting effect
This technique is very popular right now.
Again, not difficult but it requires several very specific steps to pull it off.



How to Create a Wedding Album Page Template
Everyone wants a Wedding Photo Album. Here is how to set up a template in Photoshop to make the job easy.
Plus I show you where you can get your wedding albums printed as actual books.



How to Create Wedding Invitation Cards
There is no need to pay for a standard wedding or reception invitation when you can create your own in Photoshop easily.




How to Create a DVD Case Sleeve and a DVD Disk Label
If you plan on putting wedding video or photos onto a DVD you will need some artwork for the case and the disk
This video shows you how with some included Photoshop Templates.


Plus 24 more videos with additional demonstrations of the tools and techniques used in the above projects


Sale Price $19.87
Plus Free Shipping to US addresses!


Note: These are Computer DVD's and will not play on a TV style DVD player
Note: This training is for Windows and does not come with the Adobe programs