Q: Do I have to pay extra to get the course project downloads?
A: No, all project downloads are available at no extra charge to all members.

Q: How long do I have to use the training?
A: Our current training titles come with lifetime access.

Q: I lost the registration email, where can I find the login page?
A: The login button is on the right side of the top section on all pages, right below our How To Gurus logo in the black menu bar.

Q: Can I download the videos for offline viewing?
A: Sorry, no. Our training is only licensed for viewing on our site.

Q: What is the difference between your online courses and your DVDs?
A: Both our online courses and our DVDs contain the same videos. You will find our online courses here at www.georgepeirson.com and our DVD sales at www.howtogurus.com

Q: Which should I get, your online courses or your DVDs?
A: It really depends on your needs.
1. With our online courses you get complete access to every video we have online
2. If you use a Tablet computer or a small laptop without a DVD player than you will want our online subscription.
3. If you are looking to learn a program quickly (less than 1 month) then paying for 1 month of our online training is cheaper.
4. If you don't have continued access to the internet then our DVDs are for you.
5. If you want to have the training available as a reference source on one topic or program for more than several months then getting a DVD would be cheaper.
6. If you want access to our whole library then the online subscription is the way to go.