How to Change Minecraft Bedrock Background Music 1.17

How to play your own custom music selections in the background in Minecraft Bedrock. Includes making the custom Minecraft bedrock background music resource pack and installing and activating in Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.

Vanilla Resource Pack:

Audacity Free Download:

Notepad++ Free Download:

INDEX: How to Change Minecraft Bedrock Background Music
00:00 Change background music
00:22 Get new music tracks
01:07 Convert to OGG with Audacity
02:38 Get Vanilla resource pack
03:25 Get manifest.json and pack_icon.png
03:38 Open sound_definitions.json
03:49 Search for music
04:34 Make folders
05:19 Rename OGG files
05:59 Put OGG files into folder
06:42 Edit manifest.json
08:01 Select all and Zip
08:24 Change .zip to .mcpack
08:49 Double click to import into game
09:08 Activate pack

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