How to Change Sounds in Minecraft Bedrock

How to change sounds in Minecraft Bedrock. Replace existing sound effects in Minecraft Bedrock with a custom resource pack and your own favorite sounds to make Minecraft sound the way you want it to.

Vanilla Resource Pack:

Audacity Free Download:

Notepad++ Free Download:


Sound used in the video licensed through Creative Commons
You can download the sound here

INDEX - How to Change Sounds in Minecraft Bedrock with Custom Sound Effects Resource Pack
00:00 In Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.10
00:10 The original chest sound
00:21 Make a new folder to work in
00:36 I found the new sound at
00:56 Get the Vanilla resource pack from
01:27 Get manifest.json and pack_icon.png from vanilla pack
02:05 Open sound_definitions.json in the sounds folder
02:24 Do a search for the sound you want to change
02:42 Make the folders
03:08 Convert your new sound to .ogg
03:29 I will edit in Audacity
04:28 Export to OGG
04:46 Rename new sound to match original sound
05:22 Move to the right folder
05:38 About pack_icon.png
05:50 Update manifest.json
07:01 Convert to zip file
07:17 Change .zip to .mcpack
07:39 Import the new pack into Minecraft
07:59 Activate the new pack
08:24 Test the new sound
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