How to Download and Install Optifine 1.18 for Minecraft Java

Optifine 1.18 for Minecraft Java Download and Install. Optifine is the best mod available and is needed for many other great mods including those beautiful shaders. Here is how to download and install Optifine into Minecraft 1.18.

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INDEX - Optifine 1.18 for Minecraft
00:00 Minecraft Vanilla vs Optifine Shaders
00:46 Optifine website
01:06 Download Optifine 1.18
01:53 Donate to Optifine and get a cape
02:16 Install Optifine 1.18
02:51 Play Minecraft with Optifine
03:17 My custom title screen
03:36 Optifine Options
04:36 Uses regular worlds
05:01 How it looks indoors
05:27 Like Share Subscribe


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