How to Make a Minecraft 1.17 Custom Texture Pack Java – Making Custom Textures Tutorial

You can add your own custom textures to Minecraft by editing the texture files and creating a custom Minecraft Resource Pack. I show you how to edit the texture files and make your own Minecraft Java Custom Texture Pack in Minecraft 1.17.



Rock Photo:

INDEX Minecraft 1.17 Custom Texture Pack
00:00 We will change one of the new textures
00:29 Make a new working folder
00:41 Edit texture in
00:57 We will combined original texture with rock photo
01:29 Increase resolution of texture file
02:33 Blend Photo into texture
03:19 Save new custom texture
04:14 Rock photo is from Pixabay
04:46 Get the tuff.png file
06:11 Make folders for custom texture pack
06:36 Copy/Paste new texture into folder
07:11 Get pack.mcmeta and pack.png
07:54 Pack.png is just a square image at 128x128px
08:10 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
09:02 Put new pack into game
09:21 Activate the pack and test in game
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