How to make a Non-Moving Minecraft Title Screen Background with a Still Image

Download Free Resource Pack:

I show you how to make a custom Minecraft Title Screen using a still image instead of the standard scrolling panorama using a custom resource pack. This easy to do Minecraft Title Screen project is a great way to personalize your copy of Minecraft.

Notepad++ Free Download:

INDEX: Minecraft Title Screen Resource Pack Still Image
00:00 A still image as the Minecraft Title Screen
00:26 My Moss Covered Title video
00:39 The new background picture
01:43 Make a working folder
01:53 pack.mcmeta and pack.png
04:47 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
05:33 Make the folders
06:43 Copy new picture to background folder
07:14 Zip up the resource pack
07:52 My custom Panorama video
07:59 Put in Minecraft and activate

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