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How to get honey in Minecraft. Minecraft Bees are here and you can use the Bees to make things like Honey Blocks and Honeycomb Blocks. But you need to plan and prepare to be able to get Honey and Honeycomb to make those Honey Blocks and Honeycomb Blocks. In this How to Get Honey in Minecraft video I show you what you need to do to set up a Flower Garden with Beehives so that you will have an unlimited supply of Honey and Honeycomb. This doesn't use any fancy Redstone contraptions, just good Home Farm management. - Minecraft Java Edition

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And here is my new Quick Bees Video

The musical selection at the end is:
Spring In My Step by Silent Partner
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00:00 How to Get Honey in Minecraft Intro
01:24 Natural Bees Nest
02:02 Basic Flower Garden with Beehive
02:41 Crafting a Campfire to Smoke Bees Nest
04:00 Crafting Glass Bottles to Collect Honey
04:26 Crafting Shears to Collect Honeycomb
04:50 Crafting Scaffolding as a Base for a Beehive
05:35 Setting up a Flower Garden
06:07 Setting up to Collect Honey
06:57 Seeing if a Beehive or Bee Nest has Honey
07:20 An Angry Bee
07:53 Collecting Honeycomb
08:36 Crafting a Beehive
09:42 Gathering Bees to your Flower Garden
11:58 Crafting Honey Blocks and Honeycomb Blocks



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