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How to add Minecraft Armor Enchantments Custom Rainbow Glint Effect. Using with a custom ultra colors Enchant Glint mod texture pack give your armor a fantasy color changing look simple glint effect.

00:00 How to add Minecraft Armor Enchantments Glint Effect Intro
00:21 How the Rainbow Armor works using Enchantments
01:07 Make a new folder
01:24 Copy the .jar file to the new folder
02:31 How to open the .jar file
03:05 Copy the pack.mcmeta and the pack.png files
03:38 Make the folders and copy the glint texture file
05:40 How to change pack.png if you want to
06:01 How to Edit pack.mcmeta
07:21 Open the texture file in
07:49 Make the basic rainbow layer
09:40 Blur the layer using Gaussian Blur
10:10 Edit the original Glint layer
10:50 Visually blend the two layers together
11:14 Save the file
12:18 Compile the files into a new zip file
12:52 Copy to the Minecraft resourcepacks folder
13:39 Activating the new custom resource pack in Minecraft
14:13 Testing the new rainbow armor
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