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How to change the Minecraft Title Screen Menu Button colors using an easy to make texture pack mod. This Minecraft Custom Menu Resource Pack video was recorded in Minecraft 1.17.1 Java on a Windows 10 machine. Free Download:
Notepad++ Free Download:
1.17.1 pack.mcmeta Download:
Still image Title Screen video:
Change Title Screen Minecraft color:

INDEX: Minecraft Title Screen Menu Mod Custom Colors
00:00 Change color of menu buttons
00:34 Make a working folder
00:45 Get the current resource pack
01:08 Make sure you see the .jar
01:47 Get pack.png
02:21 Download pack.mcmeta
03:23 Get the image file
03:42 Make the folders
04:08 Copy widgets.png
04:35 Open image in paint. net
04:54 Make color layer
05:18 Fill selection with new color
05:34 Blend Mode Overlay
05:45 Save image file
06:28 Edit pack.mcmeta
06:55 Zip up custom resource pack
07:12 Put custom resource pack in game
07:27 Activate pack in game
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Resource Pack: New


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