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Minecraft 1.17 pack.mcmeta file, unzip to get the file: 1.17 pack.mcmeta.zip

Minecraft Language List: language_names.txt


Minecraft Menu Music.txt

Minecraft Note Block Instruments.txt


1.8.9-pack-mcmeta file.zip


Minecraft Bee Sounds Java.txt

Background Music 1.16.txt

minecraft sounds 1.15.2 list

1.16.1 Ancient Debris.zip

Camo Texture Image

Music Disc List

Cow Wave File

Right click on Image and

choose Save Image...

Resource Packs

Animated Totem of Undying: Animated Totem 2.zip

Change Music Disc 1.17: new-music-disc-with-speakers-1.17

Swords resource pack: Swords.zip

Change Music Disc 1.16.4: Custom Records 1.16.4.zip

Background Music 1.16.4: Background Music 1.16.4.zip

Sounds 1.16: 1.16 Sounds 2.zip

Sun-Moon Resource Pack: sun-moon.zip

Rainbow Enchantments Resource Pack: Rainbow Glint.zip

New Minecraft Sounds Resource Pack: arcade2.zip

custom-resource-pack-files.zip      this zip file contains pack.mcmeta and pack.png


Easter Bees Java.zip

Easter Bees - Bedrock.zip



Paint.net video resource pack - steampunk-2.zip

Resource Pack with Sound Files - music-disk-5.zip

My Current Mars Texture Pack - Mars-Textures-without-Spacesuit.zip

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Download Files:


this zip file contains pack.mcmeta and pack.png

Minecraft Background Music Folders and Files.pdf

Resource Pack with Sound Files

My Current Mars Texture Pack


Music Disc List

Cow Sound

How to Make a Custom Minecraft Resource Pack (Texture Pack).pdf

https://www.7-zip.org - Free Zip Utility

https://www.audacityteam.org/ - Free Sound Editing Program

Minecraft Wiki

Links to Other Resource Packs:


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