New Affinity Publisher Coming Soon!

Affinity just released a Beta trial of their upcoming Affinity Publisher program and it is very impressive. Currently I am using Adobe InDesign since it is part of the Creative Cloud Suite of programs but as it is on a subscription it is rather pricey over time but as it is from Adobe it is also very feature rich and is the standard in the Page Layout software world. I believe that the upcoming Affinity Publisher could give it a run for its money. From just my first quick look through the program it appears to have all of the standard functions needed for quality page layout. Over the next month or so I will be giving it a complete run through and comparison on a feature by feature basis to Adobe InDesign.

So far Affinity Publisher looks very impressive. I have no idea what the final release will cost but since their Affinity Photo is only $49 there is a very good chance that this new program will also be a great bargain. As I become more familiar with the program I will be posting more info here on my blog. 

If you are interested in giving this new program a try during the beta trial release you can get a free download here