New Content Aware Fill coming to Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

Adobe just announced an exciting upgrade to their already magical Content Aware Fill tool. Right now this tool can do wonders by filling in a selection with content from elsewhere in the image, often resulting in a perfect clean up of the selected area. But often Content Aware Fill just gets it wrong and you need to go in and do some clean up work with other tools after the automated fix. The new Content Aware Fill tool opens in a new dialog box giving you several additional options allowing you to more easily get a perfect fill.

The new tool first gives you a preview of the repair and allows you to adjust which parts of the original image are used to do the fill, this can solve most of the errors caused by the current tool. For more difficult or tricky fixes the new tool also has options for mirroring, rotation, and perspective. Put all of this together and this one tool will become one of the most useful tools in the Photoshop toolbox instead of being just an occasional tool if the image is right.

Adobe released a quick preview on YouTube on Monday Sep 10. 

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