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How to Make Custom Photo Corners in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements comes with loads of great graphics and clipart. Some of these are useful for Scrapbooking, like the photo corners, but the variety are limited. So here is how to make custom photo corners from a photograph of a picture frame.

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Photoshop Elements How to Remove Change Background

One of the most useful techniques to master in Adobe Photoshop Elements is how to separate a foreground subject from the background. This will allow you to change the background or do other special effects with the image. Here is a video showing one of the best tricks on removing a background from a photo.

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Using Dodge and Burn techniques for Photo Retouching in Adobe Photoshop Elements

There are several basic techniques that you need to understand in order to do high quality photo retouching in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Using the Dodge and Burn tools effectively are one of those basic techniques. Dodge and Burn work particularly well for fashion and beauty photography. Here is a project showing how to use these important photo editing tools.

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How to Add a Dramatic Metallic Frame to a Photo using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements comes with loads of included graphic and clipart. One of the under used sections is graphic shapes, mostly because they are black in the menu and don't look interesting. In this video I show you how to take one of those basic shapes and turn it into a nice metallic picture frame.

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How to create a Watercolor Painting effect using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is great at making different art and painting effects. Here is and easy to follow video project showing you how to create a realistic watercolor effect just using tools found in Photoshop.

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Using a Mirror Effect to create an Inspirational Poster in Photoshop Elements

In this video I create a mirror effect of water to use as a background for an inspirational poster. Several different Adobe Photoshop Elements techniques included in this project.

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Working with Text Columns in CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a great program for doing page layout and design. One of the common tasks you will need to understand when doing page layout is how to work with columns of text. This video project shows you how.

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Creating a 3D Logo in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop 3D gives you exciting opportunities to create interesting logo designs. Here is how to create a logo based on 2 spheres with a cutout for the letter. All created in Photoshop 3D.

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How to add a Dispersion Effect onto a photo in Photoshop Elements

In this video project from my YouTube channel I show you how to create the popular Dispersion Effect using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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