Photolemur 3.0 Pre-Sale going on Now!

The latest version of the amazing Photolemur post-production photo program is coming in just a couple of weeks and you can reserve your copy now during the Pre-Sale.

The Pre-Sale link below has complete information and samples on using Photolemur 3.0. Just use this link to get in on the Pre-Sale and also help me keep this blog going as well since I will get a small percentage of each pre-sale. During the pre-sale you save $10 off of the Family plan (basically allowing you to use the program on several computers or devices). Photolemur 3.0 will be released on Sept 14. If you already have Photolemur there is an upgrade price of only $19 which you can get as soon as the program is released. 

Photolemur is a simply amazing software tool for enhancing your photographs. What makes this tool stand out from all of the other photo editing tools on the market is that it does the whole process automatically. Photolemur's AI engine analyses the photo then applies several different adjustments automatically giving you a great image extremely fast with no additional work on your part. I recently did a review of this program on my YouTube channel and was very impressed. 

Version 3.0 adds several exciting new features plus a bunch of improvements as well.

Some of the new features and enhancements are:
Automatic Face Enhancement
Teeth Whitening
Smart Eye Enlargement
The ability to add Styles to a photo
Batch processing
SmugMug Export in the Mac version, I expect that Windows SmugMug export will be added soon.
And of course several performance improvements so that the speed of this already fast program is even better.

Even if you are using a different program for post-production of your images Photolemur is a great addition, just run your photos through Photolemur first, then finish up any adjustments in a program like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Photoshop Elements. This can save you loads of time. I have my workflow set up this way and I will be upgrading to version 3.0 myself.

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