Can you really make money on YouTube?

Sure you can, I do every day.

But, how much could you make if you were really successful?

Well here you go, the Top 10 Richest YouTubers from last year. Most of these channels will be in the Top 10 again when this year finishes.

The income estimates are based on display ads and on views over the year. There is a range due to unknowns such as how much each ad is paying at any particular time. But for reference when I did research on my own channel I was at the high end of the estimates and I expect these will be as well. I think it safe to say that everyone on this list is an annual millionaire.

Don't think that these top spots are now filled forever and that these people have monopolies on their particular idea. Included below are 3 Gaming and Comedy channels, 3 MineCraft channels, and 3 Unboxing and Reviewing Toys channels. So right in the top 10 there is fierce competition from similar channels.

10. Vegetta777 - Gaming Channel -  894,000 to 2.2 mil - Spanish Language Channel

09. VanossGaming - Gaming and Comedy - 939,000 to 2.5 mil - joined in September 2011 so this didn't take too long to become a millionaire

08. TheDiamondMinecart - MInecraft Gaming Channel - 995,000 to 2.8 mil

07. Markiplier - Gaming and Comedy - 1 to 2.9 mil

06. DisneyCarToys - Unboxing and Reviewing Toys - 1.1 to 3 mil

05. BluCollection - Unboxing and Reviewing Toys - 1.2 to 3.1 mil

04. PopularMMOs - Minecraft Channel - 1.35 to 3.3 mil - Joined in April 2012 - making millions in only a couple of years

03. Stampylonghead - Minecraft Channel - 1.45 to 3.5 mil

02. PewDiePie - Gaming and Comedy - confirmed 4 mil in 2013 - 6 to 10 mil now

01. DisneyCollectorBR - Unboxing and Reviewing Toys - 6.5 to 12 mil - The channel has been renamed FunToyzCollector and is still in the top 3 in 2015, may make it to #1 again during the Christmas shopping season

 I hope you find this list inspiring. If you want to learn how you too can make money on YouTube you should take a look at my YouTube Book: The Unauthorized Book of YouTube Ninja Secrets


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