What is the new Recovery Compass and Do We Need It?

Let's make a Recovery Compass and give it a test.

How to Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19

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How to make and use a Recovery Compass in Minecraft 1.19. First we need to safely get into the Deep Dark and an Ancient City without getting killed by a Warden. Then we need to find some Echo Shards in treasure chests. Then use that to build a Recovery Compass. I show you my favorite technique to safely work your way into an Ancient City. Then we will build and test a Recovery Compass.

00:00 Minecraft Recovery Compass
00:20 Clean out Skulk Sensors and Shreakers
00:53 Run Away!!!
01:12 Get more than 30 blocks away fast
01:26 Dig a 35 block long escape tunnel
04:28 Continue to clear the sensors and shreakers
05:12 Place a Bed and Chest, set the bed respawn point
06:23 Go for the Shreakers first
08:15 Check chests for Echo Shards, you need
8 09:11 Home Base, set respawn point
09:24 Craft the Recovery Compass
09:57 Put Recovery Compass in chest near respawn bed
10:13 Testing the Recovery Compass
12:15 Keep the Recovery Compass in the chest
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